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October 19, 2009


Hey guuuuys.

Yesterday, I participated in the AIDS walk LA, and it was amazing. My phone died during the drive to West Hollywood, so I didn't have any way to contact and meet up with anyone, which was a huge bummer because walking alone was awkward. Even still, the entire walk was powerful. Around one of the first bends in the route, a religious group set up a protest with signs that read things like "Homo sex is sin." I live in a relatively conservative city in Los Angeles County, so to walk with a massive sea of people who collectively support the repeal of Prop 8, for a change, was awesome. I couldn't help but laugh to see the religious activists experience being the minority, and I'm glad to have been one of the 40,000 people who flipped them off as we walked past. Hahaha.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my favorite band in the whole world in concert, but I'll have to write about that after I'm back because I have an internet stalker, and I'm refraining from posting information on my exact whereabouts even only slightly in advance. Hahaha. Seriously though, this person took photos that I took with friends from my myspace, edited photos of themselves over my friends, and posted the edited photos in their myspace account. If that weren't creepy enough, they made another myspace account under my name, posted my photos there, and then commented back and forth between the two accounts as though I was talking to them. This person has made considerable effort to find out what concerts I have tickets for, so yeah. Let's just say I'm seeing Hanson in Fort Lauderdale and hope they go to that show instead. : )

I've gotten tons and tons of emails from people asking why not all of the Pon&Zi comics are available as prints at, when Tshirts and totebags will be available again, when the (Valentines Day) cards will be available, etc. I'm almost about to start running low on the stock of a few of the prints I have, so I'll be sending an order to my printers this week not only to restock the currently available prints, but also to get some of the other comics made, and also to get the (Valentines Day) cards started. "Valentines Day" is in parentheses because while they could be great for Valentines Day when it finally gets here, the first cards printed won't have a Valentines Day theme so that you can use them for monthiversaries, anniversaries, birthdays, lovenotes, etc. Neat, right? They'll come with Pon&Zi envelopes too. Super cute if you ask me. Hahaha. Also, I've put an order in for more totebags, so they should be back in stock within a week or two. : ) Tshirts, however, will take a bit longer to get made.

That's about it, I think. Do me a favor and cross your fingers for me. I'm waiting to hear back from school to see how much scholarship money I can get. Huhuhuu. C'est important!

  • Listening to: Röyksopp - Happy Up Here
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xXxRebelxXx Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2010  Student Photographer
Congrats & thank you for flipping off the protesters :)
& I'm sorry about your stalker, I also have one so I know how hard it is to have to keep everything in your life, pictures, and all secrets.
It seems like they always have some wicked creepy way to find out things about you.
I'm sorry you have to put up with them, hopefully they'll get bored with being creepers & leave you alone.
Have fun at the concert & good luck with your scholarship stuff :)
What school are you planning on attending?
qchiapetp Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
good luck with the scholarship :)
zodiac1805 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009
If that stalker keeps it up dude, you need to go and get some authorities. Those things can go from internet to irl faster than you'd think.

Walk sounds fun, I went to a pro-life one a few years ago. Those things are very powerful indeed.
andyanderson Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
The whole stalker situation must really stink, but better safe then sorry.
I'm super stoked for when the tote bags come back in, I'm planning on buying a few one for myself, and some for my pals for christmas along with some keychains.
Monthiversaries are kinda cute, sometimes I wish my boy and I actually did something for them once in a while.
azuzephre Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Student
The totebags will be here any day now. *excited*

DatenshiFukuchuu Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
i hope so!!!! im making a christmas wishlist for my aunt and i want to send it to her soon
Amelisse Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009
I wish you got what you need...
And have a nice show....
erulastiel21021 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
Sorry about the haters and the stalker. You seem like too awesome a person for crap like that to happen to you. :(

Do you have any idea when they started stalking you, and have you done anything about it? It can get pretty dangerous if you don't do anything.
kirbyklowd28 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2009
lol have fun with the stalkerr!! D:
7Starrchasers Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2009
ew...stalkeratzzi...lets annihalate him!
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