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August 28, 2009


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Hey everyone. It's been FOREVER since I've updated here and I apologize. I've been a very busy boy.. err, man..boy. A busy manboy. I just turned 21! But yeah, I've been busy throwing a ton of stuff together for school, updating, and working on a kind of secret project that's kind of a big deal. I'm not sure when I'll be allowed to talk about it, but within the next year, I'll making an exciting announcement.

First, juicy gossip. I'm single once again, and for the first time since the dawn of puberty, I have no desire whatsoever to seek out someone new to date. It's not even because the breakup still hurts, either, because I'm not even sure if it hurts anymore. While having somebody to cuddle with is sort of nice, the entire situation is always terribly draining. I'm not saying that I'll never date again, but I'm not going to stress myself out looking for someone that might end up working out if I try really hard. For now anyway, I'm doing great by myself. Onto other news, I quit my job at the coffee shop after working there for two years. The shop at is what feeds me now, and it's kind of a scary thing because the flow of orders is rather inconsistent. I'm learning how to budget and plan ahead though. Unfortunately, however, part of this journal will be devoted to promotion of the shop. I don't want to annoy anyone, but I need to eat and pay my bills. Hahaha. So let's get that part out of the way. Brace yourself for the biggest most obnoxious link in the world.

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="Click here to enter shop" />

The last time I updated my journal, the shop at wasn't even open, but it is now, stocked full of ComicPrints, ButtonPinPacks and Totebags! The comic prints are a lot bigger than they were when they were sold in the old version of the shop, which is nice because the last ones were a bit tiny. They're still only $3.00 each, too. The button pins come in packs of seven for seven dollars. That's a dollar each, less than half what places like Hot Topic charge for their pins, and psshhh. These are hella cuter too. Totebags are back with a better design. Each one comes with three FREE random button pins, too. STEAL. Hahaha. Anyway, take a look if you can. Payment is processed through PayPal, orders are shipped daily Monday through Saturday, and tracking numbers are provided along with the confirmation email.


As far as new projects go, I'm crazy busy with my secret project, and I can't post any of the stuff involved with that yet. But since I work at home now, I have a lot more time to work and I'm learning how to get more done in a day. I'll try to post some assignments from school, and I have a ton of unposted PonComics that I might intermittently upload as well.

Does anybody know of any huge comic conventions coming up? I had a lot of fun meeting people at FanimeCon in San Jose and at AX her in Los Angeles, but I want to do more, especially if it means I'll have to travel. Hahaha. Someone at AX suggested a convention in London, but I forgot what it was called. Let me know, and let's get coffee together because I love you all. <333

It's 3:04am and I can't think of anything else important to type about. So on that note, I think I'll play some FFXII like the hardcore nerd that I am and then get some sleep.

Oh yeah! If you're a cool kid, you should follow me on Twitter! My sn there is also azuzephre.

  • Listening to: Au Revoir Simone
  • Playing: FFXII *adjusts glasses*
  • Drinking: YES!
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RifffRafff Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohmygorsh!!! lol... wow, I feel like such a late bloomer xD.
But having no interweb sucks when you want to find peoples and art.... oh oh oh!!! and your shop is ama-za-zing, totally have to go put money on the dreaded card and get me my fix of pon and zi!!! too adorable!!!!

OHOHOH!!! and there is a GI-NORMUS anime convention in Dallas, Texas this year around june 6th :) A-Kon is the amazing-est, totally worth the trip :)

Keep making amazing art and deathly cute characters!!!
azuzephre Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Student
I'll definitely have to look into it. I've never been to Texas before. : )
A-san Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
have you ever considered going to Anime Los Angeles? it's the only convention i've ever been to, so i'd love to meet you there...and get coffee XD
azuzephre Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009  Student
Is that different from Anime Expo? I go to that one every year. : B
A-san Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
Anime Los Angeles isn't as big. it's around the Los Angeles area and is usually in January.
you should look it up :3
dogboi22 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009
0r1 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009   Writer
You should go to anime boston or comic con in new york o3o <3<3<3 I think if you got a table and tried to sell stuff you'd make a pretty penny.

I think you're really cool, it's good to hear you're doing well after all the other depressing things that were in your older journals.
kirbyklowd28 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009
ill get a tote for christmas ><;; sorry i have no money now and my parents wont buy me anything ....
Sarah-Vafidis Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
" Brace yourself for the biggest most obnoxious link in the world. "

That bit made me smile!

Congratulations on your big secret project! I wish you the best of luck for whatever it is and I can't wait to hear about it! c:
Naz22 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
What about South Africa, how can I get Pon and Zi to South Africa?
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