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Hello, all! 

I'm excited to announce that after being on the wait list for a table/booth at San Diego ComicCon for EIGHT years, I'll finally be there, signing the Pon&Zi art book at the Prism Comics booth! The art book, plushies, and with fingers crossed, an exclusive print or two will be available for purchase there for the entire duration of the convention, and I'll be there for half of each day to sign books, shake hands, talk about whatever you'd like, etc. I haven't been given my signing schedule yet, but I'll update this journal entry as soon as it's been settled. 

Let me know if you'll be there, yeah? If you've already got a Pon&Zi book and you'd like it signed, don't forget to bring it. I'll even draw you a quick drawrling in the front cover! 

The Prism Comics booth is located at space no. 2144, right by DC Comics and the Marvel Booth. 

I hope to see you there! <3

 photo map_zpsff9411e2.png
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Pon&Zi Kickstarter!
[Click the image to be taken to the Kickstarter page!]

Hey again!

To quickly recap, I recently launched a Kickstarter project to fund the printing of the first Pon&Zi art book. We have reached and exceeded the original funding goal of $10,000, and I am now certain to be able to get the book printed! If you haven't been to my Kickstarter page to see what's been happening, please take a look by clicking the graphic above. To thank people for preordering the art book, I've created a list of rewards that are exclusively available through my project, so now may be the only chance to get original Pon&Zi watercolor illustrations, hand-painted resin figures, special edition prints and to get your art book signed. <3

Now that I've got more than enough to get the book printed and especially since there are still three weeks before my project deadline, people have begun to ask what I'll do with the extra money. So I've created a stretch goal for $20,000 and if we make it that far, I'll also be able to get Pon and Zi plushies made! As of right this second, I'm already close to reaching 150% of my original funding goal. Once it reaches 200%, anyone who has pledged $125 or more will automatically also receive a pair of Pon and Zi plushies with their reward package. Anyone who has pledged at a lower level will be able to add plushies to their reward packages by increasing their pledge amount by $20 and selecting the appropriate unlocked pledge level.

Sooo, if you haven't taken a look at the Kickstarter, please do! I still really need all the help I can get to continue spreading the word about my project, so I'd really appreciate it if you could tell anyone you know who might like Pon and Zi! The amount of support I've gotten so far is overwhelming. I can't thank you all enough! Let's keep it going!

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Hey everyone,

First off, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made it out to my Artist Alley table at WonderCon in Southern California this past weekend. This was the first convention I'd been to in a long time where I was at my booth all by myself, so having people stop even just to say hello made the weekend amazing. I've only got two more conventions scheduled for this year, so if you're in the area, come say hello? I'll be in the Artist Alley at:

FanimeCon in San Jose, CA : May 25-28, 2012

Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA : June 29-July 2, 2012

Also, I've said a few times that I've been working on a super exciting secret project, but it's finally almost ready to present to you guys. It's going to be something especially time sensitive, so check back here within the next two weeks to see what I've got planned. <3

Lastly, I updated the shop at with a new limited edition print a few weeks ago, and more than half are already gone! I realized that I'd only updated on the Pon&Zi Facebook and Twitter pages, but not here, so I thought I'd include a link in this journal in case any of you would like to get hold of one before they're all gone. All the details can be found in the shop page by clicking the image below.

Limited Edition Pon and Zi Print
[Click the image to be taken to the shop!]
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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that Valentines Day is now only a month away, so if you're planning on getting a present from the Pon&Zi online shop, US orders should be placed no later than February 5th and international orders should be placed no later than January 30th if you want to be certain they'll arrive on time. I do my best to ship orders same-day if possible, but no later than next day. Tracking is available for all orders, and can be viewed by logging into your PayPal account after the purchase and clicking "Track" next to the transaction.

Also! The two newest comics are already available as prints, and one more keychain design has been added to the lineup. I've redesigned the shop page to make it look cleaner and to make checkout easier, by the way. Fancy, yeah? Let me know if any images aren't working or if something is confusing. : )

Pon and Zi Keychains!
[Click the image to be taken to the shop!]

And lastly, I've been working on a huuuge project lately, and it's nearly ready to present to you guys. Exciiiiting.

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Hey guys!

I've been getting a ton of emails from people asking how long it takes for orders placed through the shop at to process and deliver, or if there is still time to order in time for Christmas. It's a complicated question to answer because the postal systems in different countries each work at a different pace. As a general rule, I can say that orders placed within the United States and Canada take 2-5 business days once they've been shipped. Most other countries take 5-10 business days, but some countries (Australia) seem to take a few days longer than that. So at this point, I would say that if you're planning on ordering from for Christmas presents, it's still safe to say your order will get to you on time if you order very soon. If you live in the US or Canada, you'll still be safe if you order within the next 10 days or so. I'm staying on top of everything even as the seasonal rush of orders becomes nearly overwhelming, so orders are being shipped within 24 hours of being placed.

On that note, I've just added 9 new keychains to the shop! These ones are about 1.5 inches in diameter (They're round) and very durable. The first four feature the graphic from a comic on one side, and the text on the reverse side. The remaining 5 feature each of the characters. (Pon, Zi, Nubbly, Scoot and Zot!)

Pon and Zi Keychains!

Lastly, as a holiday promotion, enter the code SNOWGLOBE during the checkout process to receive a 10% discount on any order totaling more than $25.00

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Hey guys, I just wanted to update quickly, first to replace my outdated last entry, but also because the sticker sheets I ordered a few weeks ago finally arrived today. They're 4x6 inches, and they're the durable vinyl kind that you can even use outdoors if you wanted. They're up in the shop at right now, but I've only made a handful available for the moment because I need to set most aside for a secret exciting project that I'll be letting you guys in on in about a week.

Pon and Zi Stickers!

In less relevant news, I'm leaving England and headed back to California in six days to be home with family for Thanksgiving, and I'll be back again for next year's convention season. So far I'm registered for Anime Expo, but I'm waiting to hear back from FanimeCon, WonderCon and ComicCon San Diego. If you know of any other large-ish comic conventions in the states, send me a note, yeah? I want to hit as many as I can. Lol.

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Hey again, guys. I updated my journal to announce the winner of the drawing for the original Pon&Zi watercolor a few days ago, but it doesn't look like it actually went through!

Sooo, the winner is..

:star:SOPHIE ROWLANDS, ORDER no. 1591:star:


Your painting has been shipped and will be arriving shortly, Sophie! (It's being shipped from Los Angeles, so it may take a week or so total.) Congratulations!

Thanks so much for participating, guys! <333
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Hey everyone. I've been meaning to post a recap of AX earlier this month, but I've spent the last few weeks getting ready for my move to England (I'm here now looking for a place!) and I'm still a crazy kind of busy. I've got a few important Pon&Zi updates that I'm kind of excited to share with you guys though, so I'll get to those now and post a recap of AX as soon as I can! <3

I've begun a new Pon&Zi project! Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails from people asking to purchase original Pon&Zi drawings. I don't sell the originals from published comics, and it takes a while to do custom work, especially when it's in a larger format, so I thought of a solution for people who are looking for something special. Each season, I'll be releasing a limited edition print with a design created exclusively for that print. (The artwork will never be printed on anything ever again.) Each print will be limited to a quantity of 100, signed and numbered by hand on the back, and then laminated to preserve the colors.

I released the first print (Summer theme) at Anime Expo earlier this month, and it has nearly sold out. The remaining few are available through the shop at, but at this rate, they won't be around for too much longer. Click the preview image to be taken to the shop for more details. <3

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="Limited Edition Print" />

On to other news, I just wanted to let you guys in on a few secrets. I'm finally getting Pon and Zi plushies made, and if everything stays on schedule, they'll be available well before Christmas and Valentines Day. Exciting!

I'm also working on a Pon and Zi Artbook! I'm not sure exactly what else to include inside though, so I need your help! I'm about to post a poll, and it'd help me out a lot if you could let me know what other section would be best to add to the collection of comics. Thanks in advance!
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The new Ladies Fit Pon and Zi Tshirt is available now at!

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" />

In other news, this weekend, I'll be in the Artists Alley and Art Show at FanimeCon in San Jose, California. Come say hello? Next up after that is Anime Expo here in Los Angeles, July 1st through 4th.

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Hey guys. I've been getting quite a few notes and tweets lately from people I've met at conventions before, asking if I'll be back to Anime Expo and/or FanimeCon again this summer. I'm in the process of moving from LA to London, so when I was asked that question last year at the conventions, I didn't think I'd be back. But at the urging of my licensing agents both here and in Europe, I've decided to do a crazy thing and plan one last year of conventions here in the states before I sink my roots in across the pond.

Months ago, I put everything in the shop at on sale to try and empty what was left in stock, but now I'm scrambling to restock everything once more for the upcoming conventions. That means mostly good news for anyone who might want to buy something, for a few reasons. I've reformatted the prints to be slightly smaller and on thicker card for the shows, but that means that the dwindling number of existing prints REALLY has to go. They're already on sale, but I'm cutting the price again. I'm only printing enough of the new prints to supply the shows I'll be at, so those won't be available online until after the shows are over, if there are any left. I'm also getting two new Tshirts printed as we speak, and one of them is unisex fit. I'm restocking button pins once more as well, but I've discontinued the less popular pins, regrouped the pins from three sets to two, and added a third set of entirely new designs. Large button pins featuring full comics are also now available. Keychains were a pain in the ass to make, so they won't be back, but I've got new bookmark designs instead. <3

Convention Schedule

Anaheim Comic Con (Confirmed)
April 29-May1

Big Wow Comic Con - San Jose (Awaiting approval)
May 21-22

Fanime Con - San Jose (Confirmed)
May 27-30

Anime Expo - Los Angeles (Confirmed)
July 1-4

New Bookmarks

Only the last four designs are new, but I've taken new photos of all of the designs so I thought I'd put them all up. Each bookmark, measuring 2.25" x 6" in size, is printed in photo quality and laminated using a heat laminating machine. The laminated coating is the thickest available, resulting in a truly durable product.

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0"/> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" />   

New Button Pins

I'm reorganizing the old pin designs into the new set one and set two, but set three, featuring all new pin designs is available now along with the new larger pins.

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" />
<img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" />

New Tshirts

These are coming soon! One design will be ladies fit and one will be unisex.
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Hey everyone. : )

I'm back home after an exhausting weekend at FanimeCon in San Jose, in Northern California. I drove from LA on Thursday, met a million amazing people, and drove back immediately after the convention was over yesterday. I've got a few photos to share and a few updates too. : )

The drive up was really pretty, but pretty long at the same time. It's always odd to see how empty California is in places, after being so used to living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I live right up against some mountains, so to see a flat horizon was a bit odd, and I had to take a picture. The rest stop behind me was actually kind of disgusting. : D


So this was what my table in the Artists Alley looked like. This was taken before the doors opened on the last day, so the posters had all sold out, and I'm kicking myself for not taking the picture sooner. We got a lot of compliments on the print display, and it's funny because my dad and I built it after midnight the night before I drove up. If art school has taught me anything, it's to make last-minute projects happen, and to make sure not everyone notices they were thrown together. Hahaha.


Everyone I met was really friendly, as usual. I saw a lot of the people I met last year, but was sad to hear that a few weren't able to make it to this year's convention. There were some crazy cosplay outfits, as expected, and I couldn't not run out and ask to take a picture with a set of flaming Mario Bros characters. I heard that they were all actually completely straight, and that they were just there for laughs, to perform a routine in the masquerade. I was behind the table the whole time though, so I missed out on all of the activities that were going on elsewhere.


Two very friendly people dressed as Pon and Zi, and that was more than a little bit amazing. I had to take a picture with them before they wandered off. Thanks guys!

dressed up

The end of the last day was really, really depressing. My brother and I got assigned a table next to Kaiami, and I'm going to make sure we're next to each other again next year, because I always worry I'll be put next to someone who's smelly or mean (or both!). Hahaha. Everyone go visit her page because she's not only really talented, but really nice as well. <3


So the next convention I'll be going to is Anime Expo, here in LA. I've never dressed up before, but Pokemon was apparently a big deal at FanimeCon, so I think I might go as a member of Team Rocket for one day at AX, just to vent my inner dork. Hahaha. Anybody know where I can get some pokeballs that clip onto a belt? Or do you have a suggestion for what pokemon I should carry arround? I only know some of the ones from the first set, so I'm going to keep it oldschool.


The printing company that printed the Tshirts I made available for presale dropped the ball, and they still haven't arrived, even though they were guaranteed to be here by the 23rd. I'm really sorry for the wait, but it's completely out of my hands, and the best I can do is offer refunds if you've ordered a shirt and are unwilling to wait a day or two more. All of the mailing envelopes are addressed and ready to  go as soon as the shirts get here, so I'll have them out the same day they get delivered to my door, and you'll all be updated with tracking numbers via email from PayPal. Also, since I know it sucks to wait and wait and wait, I'll be sending a free random pin set or keychain with each late shirt order. So either hold tight just a bit more or send me an email titled "PREORDER REFUND" to with your order number and full name. I'm very sorry for wait, but I've made phonecalls and sent angry emails to the printers, and they say they should arrive any time.

Anime Expo is the next on my list, and I mighttt be going to AWAcon in Georgia and Comic Con in New York as well. If any of you are planning on going to any of those, let me know and we can meet up for coffee or something, yeah? : )
Hey everyone.

Who's going to FanimeCon this weekend??? I'm just about to leave LA for San Jose, and I'm really, really excited to be back in the Artist's Alley. Last year was a lot of fun, I met a ton of amazing people, and I'm especially excited because this will be my first convention since last summer. So I've been up late every night for a while, making new button pins and keychains, building my table display, and pulling everything together. I'm kind of a zombie, but at least I've got some new stuff.

I've added one of the new keychains and the new, third pin set to the shop page at for those of you who might want to grab something, but aren't the convention type. I've also made the most recent comics available as photo prints. As a sidenote, a paypal account is no longer required (but is still an option) during checkout at Now you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well.

Anyway, rather than using boring text links to the shop page, I'm using huge, clickable images of the new merch! Go Go Go!

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="New Pin Set!" />

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="New Pin Set!" />

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="New Pin Set!" />

PS. I'm getting a few emails from people reporting that they've received email notification that their Tshirts from the presale have shipped, but they have not. The printers promised that the Tshirts would arrive here at my house, ready for distribution, no later than today, but they still haven't arrived. I'm guessing that the emails people have gotten were automatically sent when I printed your order forms and addressed the mailers. That means that everyone who ordered a shirt has an addressed mailing envelope ready and waiting to be filled with a shirt and shipped as soon as they get here. If they don't get here today, I'll be sending a free keychain with every shirt to apologize for the slight wait. When the Tshirts do ship, everyone will be provided with a tracking number via Paypal. Hold tight, they're on their way. : )
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The preorder for Pon&Zi Tshirts is now closed! I've just put in the order to have the shirts printed, and they'll be on their way to those who ordered them in about a week, but no later than May 28th. Thanks so much for your support!


FanimeCon - San Jose, CA - May 28-31, 2010
Artists Alley: Confirmed

Anime Expo - Los Angeles, CA - July 1-4, 2010
Artists Alley: Confirmed

AWA Con - September
Artists Alley: Confirmed

ComiCon NY - October
Artists Alley: Awaiting Confirmation


:iconmeach-tea-tokei: :iconmeach-tea-tokei: :iconmeach-tea-tokei: :iconmeach-tea-tokei: :iconmeach-tea-tokei:

I met a ton of really talented people at school this term, and meach-tea-tokei is one of them! She's available for commission right now and her style is adorable, so have a look at her gallery! <3
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Hey guys. :)

A while ago, fresh4u asked me to contribute a piece for a collaborative book that would be printed and sold to raise money to benefit The National Organization for Rare Disorders, and I've submitted my mermaid boy piece to help out. Each artist involved, listed below, was given a single color to use dominantly in their piece, as the theme of the book is COLORS. Mine is hopefully obviously YELLOW. But yeah, I'm glad to have been able to participate with so many crazy skilled people throughout the dA community and beyond, and really hope you guys might help out by pre-ordering a book, which will be shipped in March of this year. All proceeds are going directly to the charity, and the book is pretty much awesomesauce. Win! Only 750 books are being printed so GO GO GO! Click the giant link! Save the world!

My Entry
Sunsoaked by azuzephre

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Hey everyone. Can you believe it's already the holiday season again? It's crazy. I hope you're all warm and cozy! I just remodeled my studiospace and I'm not used to having freezing cold hardwood floors. As a result, I'm rather cold at the moment and equally tired, so I'm going to try to finish this post quickly so I can go hide under a mountain of blankets. <3

I've got a lot of exciting stuff going on right now. I've mentioned a top secret Pon&Zi project that's in the works, and while I'm still unable to let you all in on it, I can say that it's definitely coming along and that I'll be able to tell you all about it very very soon.

School starts again for me in just a little bit more than a month, so I'm trying to tie up loose ends before I fall victim to deadlines and stuff. I'm doing illustrations on the back panels of SIXTY-FOUR chairs for a coffee shop remodel, all within the span of like eight days, and then immediately after, they've also asked me to do four identical 7 foot by 7 foot wall paintings. Cross your fingers for me and hope I can finish everything before school because I won't have time anymore at that point. Hahaha. On top of that, I'm also working hard to finish the Pon&Zi Valentines Day cards before school as well. I've gone a bit overboard with those, but I think they'll be fancy.

I've been getting a TON of emails asking if it's too late to order pins, keychains, etc. from in time to guarantee delivery before Christmas. That's a hard question to answer, especially for international orders, because the postal systems of some countries are faster than others. I can only tell you what the post office here is telling me: For any package being delivered outside of the United States, TODAY is the last day I can ship things internationally and expect them to arrive before Christmas. For orders placed within the United States, the post office says that any orders I ship before the 14th of this month will be very likely to arrive on time. I ship orders every day at least once, so if you're planning on getting somebody a PinPack, Keychain, Poster or Print for Christmas, the sooner you order, the better.

That reminds me, I've added POSTERS and a few if the more recent comics as Photo Prints to the store at I'm a lazy online shopper, so I've spent the last two hours making sexy image links for this journal to make it easier on you guys if you want to buy something. *nudge* <3333

<img src="…"  border="0" alt="Pon&Zi Poster"/> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="Pon&Zi Prints" />
<img src="…"  border="0" alt="Pon Keychain #1" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="The Art of Jeff Thomas" />
<img src="…"  border="0" alt="Pon PinPack #1" /> <img src="…"  border="0" alt="Pon PinPack #2" />

Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome holiday season. Pleeease don't drink and drive, and be safe in general. <333
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Hey guuuuys.

Yesterday, I participated in the AIDS walk LA, and it was amazing. My phone died during the drive to West Hollywood, so I didn't have any way to contact and meet up with anyone, which was a huge bummer because walking alone was awkward. Even still, the entire walk was powerful. Around one of the first bends in the route, a religious group set up a protest with signs that read things like "Homo sex is sin." I live in a relatively conservative city in Los Angeles County, so to walk with a massive sea of people who collectively support the repeal of Prop 8, for a change, was awesome. I couldn't help but laugh to see the religious activists experience being the minority, and I'm glad to have been one of the 40,000 people who flipped them off as we walked past. Hahaha.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my favorite band in the whole world in concert, but I'll have to write about that after I'm back because I have an internet stalker, and I'm refraining from posting information on my exact whereabouts even only slightly in advance. Hahaha. Seriously though, this person took photos that I took with friends from my myspace, edited photos of themselves over my friends, and posted the edited photos in their myspace account. If that weren't creepy enough, they made another myspace account under my name, posted my photos there, and then commented back and forth between the two accounts as though I was talking to them. This person has made considerable effort to find out what concerts I have tickets for, so yeah. Let's just say I'm seeing Hanson in Fort Lauderdale and hope they go to that show instead. : )

I've gotten tons and tons of emails from people asking why not all of the Pon&Zi comics are available as prints at, when Tshirts and totebags will be available again, when the (Valentines Day) cards will be available, etc. I'm almost about to start running low on the stock of a few of the prints I have, so I'll be sending an order to my printers this week not only to restock the currently available prints, but also to get some of the other comics made, and also to get the (Valentines Day) cards started. "Valentines Day" is in parentheses because while they could be great for Valentines Day when it finally gets here, the first cards printed won't have a Valentines Day theme so that you can use them for monthiversaries, anniversaries, birthdays, lovenotes, etc. Neat, right? They'll come with Pon&Zi envelopes too. Super cute if you ask me. Hahaha. Also, I've put an order in for more totebags, so they should be back in stock within a week or two. : ) Tshirts, however, will take a bit longer to get made.

That's about it, I think. Do me a favor and cross your fingers for me. I'm waiting to hear back from school to see how much scholarship money I can get. Huhuhuu. C'est important!

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Hey everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying Autumn as much as I am. I've had three pumpkin pie shakes today alone, and it's starting to cool down at night, which is excellent.

So anywaaaay, I'm excited to be participating in the 25th Annual LA AIDS Walk on October 18th. It's the first time I've done something like this, but I'm really looking forward to it. I don't know anyone personally who is battling HIV/AIDS, but I'm aware that it's a terrible thing, and I want to do anything I can to help fund research to find better treatment options.

If you've been watching the news, you may have heard that a series of vaccines has been developed that has shown to decrease the likelihood a person has to contract HIV by 31%. This series of vaccines is the first to have shown any promise in the fight against the disease, and it's development is very good news. We're finally making substantial progress, and now is a great time to support the fight either by walking or by donating to the fund.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are available to walk, it's not too late to register (for free!) and start collecting donations yourself. Send me a note if you're planning on walking so we can meet up and walk together!

CLICK HERE to visit the AIDS Walk LA homepage and register!

If you're unable to participate but would like to make a donation, I'm trying to collect as much as I can and would appreciate your help!

CLICK HERE to make a donation!

Also, 50% of all profit made from Pon and Zi Comic Prints sold through between now and October 14th will be donated as well. I'd say that's an excellent way to earn some good karma and score some AzuPrints in the process. Hahaha.

CLICK HERE to visit

<333 Jeff
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Hello, all. The past few weeks have been crazy, and I'm a little bit overwhelmed. In fact, I ought to be painting now, but I needed a break, so I thought I'd make a quick update here.

First, I've added a Pon&Zi FAQ to my profile here because I feel bad not being able to answer all of the questions that get sent in. So yeah, it's in the left column of my profile, and I think I've got most of the questions that get asked most answered. I've also added links to the Pon&Zi myspace profile and to my Twitter, also in the left column.

Second, the totebags in the shop at have sold out. I'll be getting more printed, but it may take a few weeks, so until I've got them back in stock, I've removed them from the shop. Keychains have been added, however, and there are two designs available. A few of you have asked why not all of the comics are available as prints, and it's actually because I had to rush to get them printed in time for this past Summer's convention season and didn't have time to format all of them for printing. Hahaha. I'm doing that now though, so more of the first comics should be available very soon, along with the Cactus comic, a couple unreleased comics, and even some posterrrrs. Exciting stuff.

Third, I'll be a Guest at ComiCon Long Beach in the very beginning of October! I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it for all three days, but I'll try my best. I'm not going to have a booth or an artists table for this one, but I'll be bringing prints and maybe some pins to throw at people to promote the comic and website. If you're planning on attending, send me a note, and let's meet up for coffee or a DDR duel or something. Hahaha.

Next, the top secret project I mentioned in my last journal is officially underway, and I'm really excited about it. It's still top secret, but it won't be long before I can post pictures of things and stuff.

Finally, I've been SO overwhelmed with school stuff and a million commissions that I'm a bit late on a project I'm definitely going to start anyway. Ideally, on the first day of each season, I'll be releasing a large-format, season themed Pon&Zi print, limited to 100 prints each, signed and numbered. Today was the first day of Autumn, so I'm late, but the first one will be coming as soon as I get my scholarship portfolio in, catch up with commissions, finish two menu boards for two coffee shops, and get a bit of work done for my secret project. So anyway, keep an eye out for that. It's going to be wonderful, I promise.

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Hey everyone. It's been FOREVER since I've updated here and I apologize. I've been a very busy boy.. err, man..boy. A busy manboy. I just turned 21! But yeah, I've been busy throwing a ton of stuff together for school, updating, and working on a kind of secret project that's kind of a big deal. I'm not sure when I'll be allowed to talk about it, but within the next year, I'll making an exciting announcement.

First, juicy gossip. I'm single once again, and for the first time since the dawn of puberty, I have no desire whatsoever to seek out someone new to date. It's not even because the breakup still hurts, either, because I'm not even sure if it hurts anymore. While having somebody to cuddle with is sort of nice, the entire situation is always terribly draining. I'm not saying that I'll never date again, but I'm not going to stress myself out looking for someone that might end up working out if I try really hard. For now anyway, I'm doing great by myself. Onto other news, I quit my job at the coffee shop after working there for two years. The shop at is what feeds me now, and it's kind of a scary thing because the flow of orders is rather inconsistent. I'm learning how to budget and plan ahead though. Unfortunately, however, part of this journal will be devoted to promotion of the shop. I don't want to annoy anyone, but I need to eat and pay my bills. Hahaha. So let's get that part out of the way. Brace yourself for the biggest most obnoxious link in the world.

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The last time I updated my journal, the shop at wasn't even open, but it is now, stocked full of ComicPrints, ButtonPinPacks and Totebags! The comic prints are a lot bigger than they were when they were sold in the old version of the shop, which is nice because the last ones were a bit tiny. They're still only $3.00 each, too. The button pins come in packs of seven for seven dollars. That's a dollar each, less than half what places like Hot Topic charge for their pins, and psshhh. These are hella cuter too. Totebags are back with a better design. Each one comes with three FREE random button pins, too. STEAL. Hahaha. Anyway, take a look if you can. Payment is processed through PayPal, orders are shipped daily Monday through Saturday, and tracking numbers are provided along with the confirmation email.


As far as new projects go, I'm crazy busy with my secret project, and I can't post any of the stuff involved with that yet. But since I work at home now, I have a lot more time to work and I'm learning how to get more done in a day. I'll try to post some assignments from school, and I have a ton of unposted PonComics that I might intermittently upload as well.

Does anybody know of any huge comic conventions coming up? I had a lot of fun meeting people at FanimeCon in San Jose and at AX her in Los Angeles, but I want to do more, especially if it means I'll have to travel. Hahaha. Someone at AX suggested a convention in London, but I forgot what it was called. Let me know, and let's get coffee together because I love you all. <333

It's 3:04am and I can't think of anything else important to type about. So on that note, I think I'll play some FFXII like the hardcore nerd that I am and then get some sleep.

Oh yeah! If you're a cool kid, you should follow me on Twitter! My sn there is also azuzephre.

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2009, 11:13 PM

ACCD Term I Vanquished

My first term at Art Center is complete. When I took classes at the local community college, I never finished any of my assignments and played hooky more often than not, so I was worried that I'd have a hard time taking school seriously here. However, I completed every assignment and only missed one class session. I'm not sure what my grades are, but at least I know I did it and I didn't give up.

The entire experience so far has been frustrating. I'm not the type that likes to be told what to draw, and I never take deadlines seriously enough. I dunno though. Out of nowhere, I've got this drive to just take off. I don't know if it's my obligation to make Ian proud anymore, either. That's definitely what got me to apply for scholarships and get into the classes, but now I think I'm running on my own legs. So anyway, I got all of my assignments done on time, I made a handful of friends, and it was really depressing to leave class on Wednesday night, even if immediately after, I went to an amaaaazing Bloc Party concert at the Hollywood Palladium. <333 I would listen to Bloc Party to help me focus on my homework, so seeing them in concert was a nice way to finish of the term.

But yeah, here I am. Being thrown into a mix of hundreds of people far more talented than I thought I could ever be made me realize how much more I have to learn, how much more climbing I have to do, but most importantly, it gave me an idea of exactly where I want to be headed. Now that I know what I want, the hard part is over. I just need to make it happen.


The most important thing I've learned at school so far is that in order to become a successful illustrator, you can't just draw pretty things. You have to market yourself effectively or nobody is even going to know about your pretty drawings, and I've been doing a horrrrible job at it. I don't update my site enough, and Pon and Zi are mixed in with my other illustration here. My deviantART,, my Artician account, and my neglected LiveJournal are far from organized and anything but synchronized. I'm not the smartest person when it comes to all of that stuff, but I just learned how to use RSS feeds to synchronize my blog across all of my websites. So now, at least when I blog, visitors won't have to run through each of my profiles to get all of the information about something I'm doing.

Since I began my stay at deviantART so unorganized, there are people here who added me to keep track of Pon and Zi, and there are people who haaate Pon and Zi but added me to keep track of my other stuff. I can't cleanly remove either from my gallery here, so this page is going to be a messy combination of both. My Artician account is new, and it's not going to have anything to do with Pon and Zi. I'm in the process of making only for Pon and Zi. I'll be using RSS to thread my Livejournal through both sites, so the blog section of each site will have updates that cover everything.

So once I upload more to my Artician account, I'll post a link here in case any of you are interested in taking a look. Keep an eye on the homepage at to see if I've updated the site there. I'll be taking all of the blogs I've posted there down, and they'll be replaced with Livejournal blogs that are yet to be written. : B So yeah. Updates are coming.

New PonComics

By the way, I have TWENTY-TWO new PonComics waiting to release at the conventions I'll have booths at in the upcoming months. <333


Oh yeah. In addition to having a synchronized blog between all of my sites, I'm adding a video blog page to