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November 9, 2006
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Comfort. by azuzephre Comfort. by azuzephre
I've been having some pretty hardcore anxiety attacks lately. They kept getting worse, so I went to a psychiatrist for help, and he told me to keep myself busy with things I like to do. Danielle, Liz, Hannah, and some of my other friends have been really supportive, and Danielle takes me out for coffee pretty much at least once a day. Hehehe. It really helps because I'm not in the mood to do things that would usually make me happy. I've just barely started drawing again, I don't have any new cello sheet music, and yeah. Coffee trips with people have basically been keeping me from falling apart. I don't know if it's because I'm currently sort of emotionally unstable or because I've got some awesome friends, but I get weak when I think about what they've been doing to keep me from crashing. I loooove you guys, seriously. <3 Once I get back into a creative mood, I'll finish the picture I'm drawing of all of us. hehehe.

Copic FineLiner 0.1
Copic Sketch Markers
Touch-ups: Adobe Photoshop Elements
1.5 Hours
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your style is awesome. The hat and jacket are especially awesome. ;)
i actually love how comforted this character looks <3
Bekkeh909 Jul 16, 2010
I hate anxiety attacks e-e;;
I keep mixing up the traditional with the digital. Or is it vice-verse? It is so well collaborated that it is successful either way. I like the sepia colors too.
I love it, I can't say I suffer from anxiety and relate to you like everyone else but I can tell you I suffer from a general fear of life haha, but I think we all do. My uncle used to have sever panic attacks and it wa hard to even watch so I can't imagine what your going through, and I really wish you the best and a quick recovery, as no one deserves something like this! I know I'm probably the least helpful person with the least helpful comment but..I hope it helps! OH and on topic, I love your art, especially the small details liek the pinkey, the seams on the jacket/pants, the eyebrow piercing, etc.

And last but not least, a couch for comfort! :couch:
I can totally relate to the anxiety thing. All i can say is to find something that your whole self goes numb during, something that you don't think or feel, you just are. On a second note, I hope you feel better! I hate anxiety attacks, and I'm terrified of medications, so I'm 100% understanding where you're at. Lastly, though, your art is beautiful!
: ) Copic markers kick ass.
dude...BA hat. BA.
i get anxiety attacks as well and it helps to be around people that you know care about you...but the coffee normally just gets me to spaz out :]
MrsAllen22 May 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
i love your artwork, its awesome, really good stuff
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