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The Art of Jeff Thomas

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Pon & Zi FAQ

Q: Are you the one that actually created these comics?
A: Yes. I first started drawing Pon and Zi in 2004, and first uploaded them here in my deviantArt gallery in December of that year.

Q: Which one is Pon and which one is Zi?
A: Pon is yellow and Zi is blue.

Q: Which one is the boy and which one is the girl?
A: I didn't assign either a gender because I think that neither of their personalities are gender specific, and because I realize that not all girls would relate to the same one, nor would all guys relate to the other. So I've left that decision open to each of you, individually.

Q: What exactly are they?
A: In a webcomic with the aim to simplify love down to one panel and a few words, Pon and Zi are people, represented and simplified down to little handpuppets. Or maybe they're the pillow you cuddle when you're lonely, but with a head and more importantly, a heart. Whatever they are, they look kind of like something you'd see in a children's book, if you can remember back when love was innocent and genuine still.

Q: What's the cat's name? The ostrich? The snail?
A: Nubbly. The ostrich is called Bawk, and the snail is called Scoot.

Q: Can I draw fanart?
A: Drawing your own original characters is classy.

Q: Can I get a Pon&Zi tattoo?
A: Go for it, but send me a photo after. I like to see these things. : B

Q: Do you use the things said in your comics as pickup lines?
A: Ahaha, nope. I'm not single (<3) but I can't imagine doing that. Hahaha.

Q: Can I use your art for a layout, icon, background, wallpaper, collage, banner, etc.?
A: That's a hard question to answer plainly. I don't mind when people repost the comics in myspace, facebook, etc. comments as long as the images are the versions found from my gallery here or at, and more importantly, that they are entirely unedited. Please do not use the images to make profile layouts, wallpapers, or anything downloadable by others. If you're unsure about what you plan to use the images for, send me a note or email. If I don't respond, I've either been too busy to get to your message, or it's so ridiculous that you ought to know that I'd say no.

Q: I found a person/website/store selling merchandise featuring your art and/or characters. Whats should I do?
A: Please notify me via dA note or email me at with as much information as possible. I'll issue a cease and desist order and take legal action if they do not cooperate. Harassing the person in question is not necessary.

Q: Where can I find Pon&Zi Tshirts and other merchandise?
A: Visit the shop page at! New merchandise is added periodically.
Hello, all! 

I'm excited to announce that after being on the wait list for a table/booth at San Diego ComicCon for EIGHT years, I'll finally be there, signing the Pon&Zi art book at the Prism Comics booth! The art book, plushies, and with fingers crossed, an exclusive print or two will be available for purchase there for the entire duration of the convention, and I'll be there for half of each day to sign books, shake hands, talk about whatever you'd like, etc. I haven't been given my signing schedule yet, but I'll update this journal entry as soon as it's been settled. 

Let me know if you'll be there, yeah? If you've already got a Pon&Zi book and you'd like it signed, don't forget to bring it. I'll even draw you a quick drawrling in the front cover! 

The Prism Comics booth is located at space no. 2144, right by DC Comics and the Marvel Booth. 

I hope to see you there! <3

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Jeff Thomas
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United States

If Pon and Zi existed in real life, how tall would they be? 

1,099 deviants said 1 foot tall!
1,027 deviants said 2 feet tall!
977 deviants said 3 feet tall!
909 deviants said Six inches tall!
324 deviants said One inch tall!
304 deviants said 4 feet tall!
275 deviants said About as tall as Anxiety Cat.
155 deviants said 5 feet tall!
76 deviants said 17 feet tall!
52 deviants said 6 feet tall!


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